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Over 80 years of history

Moonshine & Spirits Made with South Texas Corn,
in small batches by Proud American Service Disabled Veterans.

Let The Good times Shine!

Because we are the first Moonshine, Texas Whiskey, and Texas Bourbon Whiskey distillery in South Texas!

Papaw's Charred Smooth Shine

Boushae's Orange Lemonade

Papaw's Red Hot Shine

Based on the original Justice family recipe for corn squeezins produced over 80 years ago in the hills and hollers of West Virginia in the vicinity of the town of Mallory. Justice Label Smooth ‘Shine is the base for all flavored combinations which leaves the distinct smooth corn taste in all flavored variants of Justice Label.

Drink it straight if you dare or mix your own, at first you will get that great Moonshine burn, and then the corn flavor will dance in your mouth making you wonder, “why haven’t I ever tried this before?”