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Want to learn how to moonshine
The Modern Way?

We invite everyone in for a tour of our facility. Please take pictures, tell your friends and family, start your own distillery!  We have no reservations here at Justice Label Distillery, there is no secret back room filled with tails or grain neutral spirits that get run through a still or filtered and sold as a “Premium Vodka” or a “Neutral Grain Spirit with flavors”.

Competition is what makes this country great and makes us continually strive to increase product quality to earn customer business.

Many inquisitive customers have asked us about classes, distillation is as much art as science, and there’s more regulation and attention paid to the industry than any other alcoholic beverage manufacturing due to the large amount of taxes.

Indeed, you could learn all this and more from Jason Justice through a series of classes based entirely on his research and trial and error over the course of over 15 years.

Whether you’re just curious, a hobbyist trying to learn more, or an entrepreneur trying to strike out on your own, there is something here for you.

Instruction is approximately 5 hours with special emphasis of subjects upon request.

Contact us today for pricing and availability, scheduling is flexible.

Group Rates Available.


Get All The Courses & Save


Get The COurses Individually


Learn the A to Z of how yeast turns sugar into alcohol and how to keep them healthy, happy, and working for you.


Learn how to calculate yield and thresholds, understand the importance of making cuts, and examine the anatomy of a still and how to build one.


Learn the lasting effects of prohibition and its repeal, federal, state and local influence on alcohol manufacturing, and the processes necessary to sell alcohol legally.

  • This is our most popular course segment, there are many misconceptions about the industry as a whole. We walk you through and dispel those erroneous ideas and make filling out the forms and applications a breeze saving you time and money!


Learn how the alcohol manufacturing industry functions, business planning, cost analysis, marketing alcohol, paying taxes and more!

Federal PErmit Filing

Know all that you need to know about the process and business but still unsure how to get your permit? Don’t want to risk delays? Stuck in the process already? 

Learn how to setup your account and submit for DSP Permit with the TTB Permits Online Application. 

Our tutorial  walks you through setting up your account, filling out the officer information and how to answer every section and piece with detail and references to support the answers ensuring you the quickest processing and fewest corrections or just have us do it for you! 

(We also address how to handle corrections as well if you’ve faced difficulty in the past)