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master crafted products

Handmade here in Texas with old school recipes and South Texas Corn

Based on the original Justice family recipe for corn squeezin’s produced over 80 years ago in the hills and hollers of West Virginia in the vicinity of the town of Mallory, Justice Label Smooth Shine is the base for all flavored combinations which leaves the distinct smooth corn taste in all flavored variants of Justice Label.


Boushae's Orange Lemonade

37.5%ABV 75 Proof

Ole Boushae used to get his ‘shine out of Louisiana until Justice Label came around. This taste from ‘Nawlins (New Orleans for you city folk) works perfect in margaritas and chilled lemonade on a hot summer’s day. When Boushae gave Jason the recipe for his Orangeade, he said it was gonna cost him just one thing: “Puttin’ my name on the bottle” – Jason kept his word and today everyone can enjoy Boushae’s Orangeade.


37.5%ABV 75 Proof

Papaw could make a mean apple pie, this one bites back with a baked apple flavor and notes of cinnamon in every sip. This is the perfect ‘shine for those winter days or early mornings in the hunting blind or fishing trip. We like to take it camping ourselves. Papaw enjoys it any old time the family gets together and it tastes even better with some delicious Texas sweet tea or in a hot toddy!

PaPAW's Charred Smooth Shine

50%ABV 100 Proof

Can’t call it a whiskey on account we put sugar in the mash and can’t call it a straight bourbon on account it ain’t two years old and has never seen a barrel. Steeped with charred white oak over the course of two weeks; this moonshine walks, talks, and acts like a whiskey with all the characteristics and delicate notes of a fine bourbon – except stronger, much stronger, but still smooth. If you enjoy the top shelf stuff and work for a living then this one’s for you!

Blueberry Shine

37,5%ABV 75 Proof

Valdosta, Georgia. The farm owned and operated by the Mallory Clan, kin to the Justices. Jason spent a lot of time there in his youth and always held blueberries close to his heart, that love shows in his Blueberry ‘shine. How he takes blueberries and keeps the strong flavor throughout is his secret, but its taste is here for all to enjoy!

Papaw's Red Hot Shine

37,5%ABV 75 Proof

A spicy cinnamon twist on moonshine, comparable to Fireball or cinnamon liqueurs except its distilled from corn and cane and not a neutral spirit with natural flavor. If you want something stronger than 66 Proof but less than 99 Proof sit comfortably at 75 Proof and know that you’ve got the most bang for your buck without any artificial coloring or flavors, just real cinnamon like Papaw used to make.

Papaw's Peach Shine

37,5%ABV 75 Proof

A true Southern favorite, what’s more down-home than some peach ‘shine? Real peach ‘shine, that’s what! This isn’t your peach flavored vodka, or some concoction with peaches floating in it soaking up all that precious, delicious, hand-crafted moonshine! That’s what we call alcohol abuse here at Justice Label! This is real peach flavor followed by that signature Justice Label moonshine taste you’ve come to love.

Texas Whiskey

Bronze Star Texas Whiskey

45%ABV 90 Proof

We are proud of our military service here at Justice Label and proud of those who served, we also take pride in crafting only the best for our customers. Introducing Bronze Star Texas Whiskey, a traditional take on a classic spirit with a Texas twist; Pecan. No, this isn’t another flavored whiskey with flavor from pecan nuts this is from pecan wood, if you have ever barbecued with pecan wood you already know the unique and powerful flavor it imparts, it is truly amazing in our whiskey.

Texas Vodka

Bronze Star Texas Vodka

40%ABV 80 Proof

Introducing Bronze Star Texas Vodka! This award winning vodka is distilled 17 times for superior drinkability. Gluten free and chill filtered with a proprietary process it tastes like nothing, its like drinking water. Consistently voted the smoothest vodka by hundreds of consumers and even beating many premium vodkas in blind taste testing – this is the perfect mixer or on the rocks vodka on the market.